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Epoxy-Injected Concrete Crack Repair

Maintenance - Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation - Epoxy-Injected Concrete Crack Repair (03 01 21.01)
Show parent category description: Concrete - Maintenance of Concrete (03 01 00)

Includes: maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, replacement, restoration, preservation, etc. of concrete. includes graffiti removal. includes epoxy-injected crack repair.

BuildSite found 36 Epoxy-Injected Concrete Crack Repair products from 17 Manufacturers.
Manufacturer Full Company Name Products
Five Star Five Star Products, Inc. 2
SpecChem SpecChem 1
Adhesives Technology Adhesives Technology Corp. 2
CETCO Colloid Environmental Technologies Company 1
Dayton Superior Dayton Superior Construction Chemicals 1
Deneef Deneef Construction Chemicals 4
Hilti Hilti, Inc. 1
Lambert Lambert Corporation of Florida, Inc. 1
MAPEI MAPEI Corporation 1
Meadows W.R. Meadows, Inc. 2
Prime Resins Prime Resins, Inc. 4
Sandstrom Sandstrom Products Company 1
Sika Sika Corporation 1
Simpson Anchors Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Systems 5
Unitex Unitex, A Dayton Superior Division 3
USP (Covert Epoxies) USP Structural Connectors 4
US Spec US SPEC, a Division of US Mix 2
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