Our Story

BuildSite launched at World of Concrete in 2001. We offered a way for builders and their suppliers to find, compare, and gather technical product information. For manufacturers, BuildSite provided a place to promote the technical values designed into their products.

This is still what we do. Our product database has grown to 20,000 products from close to 200 manufacturers, across 12 MasterFormat divisions. Builders and suppliers use us from design through pre-construction through closeout.

From its first release, BuildSite combined the product database with submittal software, a streamlined way to put datasheets into a template for easy assembly and easy review.

Our submittal software has grown into the fully featured, project proven Submittal.com from BuildSite. Submittal.com ties together specifications, the Submittal Log, and the actual submittal documents. It works with all kinds of submittals: action, informational, and closeouts. And it accommodates content of all types: product data, shop drawings, test reports, maintenance manuals, as-builts, warranties, and much more – virtually everything you need for your project record.

The BuildSite product database, up-to-date and going strong, is integrated into the back end of Submittal.com. It is one of a number of ways our customers can add documents to a submittal item.

As a company, what do we stand for? BuildSite stands for simple elegance in product design and technical architecture. We stand for a commitment to Quality Control for all our users, across the whole project cycle. Our goal is to build software and to structure data in ways that enhance human decision-making and take the administrative grind out of people’s lives.

BuildSite and Submittal.com support and honor builders, the people who give form to the structures that make up our world.

Thank you for working with us!

Management — The BuildSite Crew

Ned Trainor photo

Ned Trainor

President and CEO

Ned grew up in and around San Francisco. After college, he worked as a builder, doing residential and light commercial renovation, and taught school. In the corporate world, he worked for McKesson Corporation and then founded a small M&A and buyout firm. A portfolio company, Burke Concrete Accessories, provided spec take-offs and submittals for its contractor customers. The need for a better way provided the inspiration for BuildSite.

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Ivan Kurmanov photo

Ivan Kurmanov

Lead Engineer

Ivan, a native of Minsk, Belarus, is an experienced software and website engineer. His experience combines programming, primarily for web apps & databases, with system administration, team and project management. He has delivered numerous software projects to customers around the world. Ivan began programming in seventh grade, on paper. He is a graduate of the Belarusian State University.

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