Point of Sale Communication

for Building Material Manufacturers

You’ve engineered the value in — unlock it at the Point of Sale.™

Contractors, distributor reps, and facility managers come to BuildSite to find products, do submittals, and to receive and fulfill requests for quotes. On BuildSite, buyers want to hear what you have to say:

  • Does your product meet a selected ASTM spec?
  • Is it FM-approved? Does it work at low temperatures?
  • Does it contain recycled material?
  • How long is the warranty?

Point of Sale lets you answer questions like this when buyers are ready to buy.

Be Seen When It Counts

When you’re in BuildSite Point of Sale, you’re there when the decision is made.

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Point of Sale in Action

Your products show up at the top of ASTM and category searches. Icons and text messaging (think Adwords for construction) tell your customer your product is “right for the job.”

There’s much more to Point of Sale, including Analytics, with real customer insights. We’d be delighted to discuss our audience, value prop, and analytics with you.

One final note: We will never call you a “BPM.”

You’ve got it — they want it.

Tell your product’s story when it counts.