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A single source of product data

Speed things up! BuildSite gives you product data, submittal sheets, installation guides, SDS and more. ASTM and MasterFormat category links help you meet specs and find “or equals.” Products tell their stories when you need to know.

Two easy-to-use submittal tools

Our core product

Do product research in the concrete, siteworks, masonry, roofing, and wall and ceiling trades. Select documents with one click. Annotate datasheets. Use simple template for Transmittals and Tables of Contents.

See a completed submittal

Or our new software

If you’re a sub or GC looking for a lightweight way to get your submittals done, we’ve built a new solution just for you.

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A simple way to get quotes

Our distributor partners operate 1000+ locations in the US and Canada. Have questions? Need a budget quote? Ready to buy? Product pages connect you to distributors near you.

A proven platform

BuildSite users include GC’s, subs, facility managers, and sales reps for manufacturers and distributors. Here are a small fraction of the tens of thousands of projects where our customers have used BuildSite for product selection and submittals.

Features that work for you

Build the best submittals in the business

Automatic Tables of ContentsNo need for Excel and Acrobat. Your Table of Contents ties to individual spec sections, making it easy for your GC to match your submittal to the log.

Easily annotate PDFsUse the built in annotation tool to mark product selections and to make notes.

Send as PDF or web pageWeb pages make it easy for your GC to connect individual items to CMiC®, Prolog® and other project management applications.

Help your entire team be more effective

Upload documents from your networkAdd testing reports, mill certs, warranty letters, and certifications to your submittal.

Share resourcesUse multi-user enterprise accounts to share work inside your branch or among your project team.

Archive your company’s workKeep an easily accessible record of all your submittals.