Concrete and Masonry Primers

Special Coatings - Concrete and Masonry Coatings - Concrete and Masonry Primers (09 97 23.01)

Includes: stains, transparent finishes, special coatings, varnishes, lacquers, primers, fillers, paint removers, waxes, and preparation of surfaces. painting of mechanical, electrical, and communications equipment other than for identification.

12 Concrete and Masonry Primers products from 10 Manufacturers. 

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Manufacturer Full Company Name Products
Grabber Grabber Construction Products 1
Sika Sika Corporation 2
Carlisle SynTec Carlisle SynTec, Incorporated 2
CTS Cement / Rapid Set CTS Cement / Rapid Set Cement Products 1
Euclid Chemical Euclid Chemical Company 1
Five Star Five Star Products, Inc. 1
Hamilton Drywall Products Hamilton Drywall Products 1
Sherwin Williams The Sherwin-Williams Company 1
Sto Corp. Sto Corp. 1
Tremco Roofing Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance Division 1
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