Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim

Flashing and Sheet Metal - Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim (07 62 00)

Includes: sheet metal roofing, accessories, and trim, and specialties associated with roofing, and metal and other flexible flashings for roofing and wall construction.

15 Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim products from 7 Manufacturers. 
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Manufacturer Full Company Name Products
ATAS Metal Roofing ATAS International Inc. 1
Crane Composites Crane Composites, Inc. 1
Hohmann and Barnard Hohmann and Barnard, Inc. 7
ITW Buildex ITW Buildex 1
Sika Sarnafil Sika Sarnafil Inc. 2
Wind-Lock Wind-Lock 1
Wire-Bond Wire-Bond 2
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