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Pendergrass, GA 30567

Mirafi® FW-Series - FW300, FW402, FW403, FW404, FW500, FW700

  • Resists clogging while maintaining flow rates in high gradient and dynamic flow conditions.
  • High survivability rating in aggressive installation and loading conditions and excellent resistance to chemicals in aggressive environments.
  • Superior soil confinement resulting in greater load distribution.
  • Highly UV stabilized multifilament fibers provide uniform opening size (AOS) while maintaining high long-term flow rates.
  • Panels can be sewn together in the factory or field, providing cross-roll direction strength to facilitate installation.
  • FW402 is CalTrans-Approved.
Woven Geotextiles for Engineered Filtration
  • Caltrans Approved
  • DOT Approvals
  • Made in USA
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