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Mirafi® G-Series - G100N, G100NC, G100W, G200N, G200NC

  • Made from high compressive strength cores and combined with nonwoven filter fabrics to provide clog resistance and long-term flow capacity.
  • Consistent and proven long-term performance due to a multi-directional core configuration providing a uniform flow path for water to escape.
  • High-flow drainage capacity--up to three times the flow capacity of aggregate or sand--effective for virtually any drainage need. Relieves hydrostatic pressure buildup against subterranean surfaces.
  • High compressive strength core that withstands installation and in-situ earth stresses.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-install 1.22m x 15.24m (4’ x 50’) panels save the transportation cost of bringing aggregate to the construction site.
  • G100NC and G200NC are CalTrans-Approved.
Drainage Composite for Retaining Walls, Cut-Off Drains and Landfill Closures
  • Caltrans Approved
  • DOT Approvals
  • Made in USA
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