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Mirafi® MPG and MPG4

  • Combines the excellent reinforcing properties of glass filaments with the optimum liquid asphalt retention capacity of a mechanically bonded AASHTO nonwoven paving fabric.
  • High load-properties at low strain (<3%) appropriate for heavy loaded pavements.
  • Uniform bonding between asphalt layers retards crack propagation from the old surface to the new overlay.
  • Moisture cannot penetrate into the road structure. Chemically resistant to road salt.
  • Cost effective: Maintenance intervals are considerably extended. Easily included in asphalt resurfacing projects.
  • MPG100 is CalTrans-Approved.
A 100% polypropylene filament nonwoven fabric.
  • Caltrans Approved
  • DOT Approvals
  • Made in USA
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