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Mirafi® MPM

  • Creates a moisture barrier, retards reflective cracking and stands up to high-temperature hot-mix designs.
  • Millable and Recyclable--Mirafi® MPM will breakdown under milling operations. It improves the sustainability of recycled asphalt paving mixes and reduces the carbon footprint of producing virgin asphalt paving mixes and conventional pavement removal techniques.
  • Improves fatigue resistance in flexible pavements.
  • Withstands the higher temperatures of today’s hot mix asphalt paving mixes.
  • Helps to reduce the long-term maintenance and rehabilitation costs associated with pavements.
  • MPM30 is CalTrans-Approved.
Constructed of high strength glass filaments bonded to a polyester fabric.
  • Caltrans Approved
  • DOT Approvals
  • Made in USA
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