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LithiumCure 1000™

  • Better than Water Cure.
  • Saves 7 days in the construction schedule.
  • Eliminates curling and prevents cure related cracking. Not a bond breaker.
  • Same-day slab access and compatible with all traffic coatings.
  • Non-toxic: Contains no solvents, UL® GREENGUARD Gold Certified, super compliant with SCAQMD, and contributes to LEED Credits. HI DOT approved.
  • ASTM C-39 (Compressive Strength) - Meets or exceeds 28-day water cure
  • ASTM C-309/C-1315 : Type 1&2, Class A (Moisture Retention) - Exceeds water retention of less than 0.40 kg/m2
  • AASHTO T 277-93/ASTM C-1202-94 (Rapid Chloride Permeability) -Meets or exceeds 28-day water cure
  • BS 1881: Part 5 (Initial Surface Absorption ml/m2/sec) -Meets or exceeds 28-day water cure
  • Arkansas DOT / FHWA Test: 19-40% Less cracking than the 7-day water cure/ C-309 treated surfaces in comparison
  • NSF-61 Certified
LithiumCure 1000™ is is a ready to use, zero VOC Curing Agent designed for use on exterior open-surface pavements and colored concrete. LithiumCure 1000™ chemically replicates 28-day water cure results and assures that the specified design strengths will be achieved along with improved durability and reduced permeability. LithiumCure 1000™ does not interfere with line striping, joint sealants, patching materials, and delineators.
ASTM: C309 Type 1&2, Class A (Moisture Retention)
ASTM: C1315 Type 1&2, Class A (Moisture Retention)
  • NSF Certified/Listed
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Contains Recycled Content
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • Made in USA
  • Zero VOC
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