Glossary: Guide to construction document types on BuildSite

Product Data and Submittal Sheets

Describe the performance, environmental, and other technical characteristics of a product, as well as application instructions and what version works where. Used for field and office reference. Specified for inclusion in product data submittals.

Environmental Documentation

Describes the specific environmental characteristics of the product, includes, for example, data on manufacture location, VOC content, recycled material content, and LEED® credit qualifications. Used for field and office reference. Frequently included in LEED submittals.

Safety Data Sheet -- SDS

In the United States, SDS follow a standard format which includes manufacturer data, chemical composition, hazards, first aid, procedures for handling, storage, and for accidental release, toxicology, and other critical safety data. Must be available to employees for all potentially harmful substances. Safety officers use BuildSite to find SDS for materials and jobsite products, such as diesel and lubricants. Submittal software can build SDS books in a flash.

Three Part CSI Spec

These specifications, sometimes called “guide specs,” are prepared by manufacturers for specific products in their portfolio. They follow the standard three part format set forth by the Construction Specification Institute: Part 1 - General; Part 2 – Products; Part 3 – Execution. BuildSite has over 1,700 of these specs, in word and pdf formats, ready for inclusion in the project spec book.

Installation Instructions

What’s the width of the trench for 12” trench drain? BuildSite provides installation instructions for thousands of products, perfect for reference in the field, as well as for inclusion in product data submittals when they are required.

Summary Brochures and Catalogs

BuildSite was designed specifically to present construction product information on an individual, product specific basis. However, we still include manufacturer’s Sweet’s brochures, catalogs, and other summary documents. They are presented on product detail pages as “company documents.”

Detail Drawings

BuildSite has thousands of manufacturer CAD details, in pdf and dwg format. In addition, we display definitive roofing and waterproofing details from the National Roofing Contractors Association. Emphasis is on products used by contractors in their role as the “last designer”.

Code, Agency, and Testing Reports

What’s the pullout strength of the epoxy? Is the roofing system approved by Miami-Dade? BuildSite hosts thousands of submittal-ready code, agency, and testing reports, from entities such as the International Code Council (ICC and ICC-ES), Factory Mutual (FM), Miami-Dade, and UL.

Other Supported Document Types

Other supported document types include: Engineering Data, Comparison Chart, Warranty, Color Chart, Consumer Information, Unformatted Specs and Spec Data, Maintenance Instructions, Technical Notes, Case Study, Safety Notes, Glossary, Short Form Spec, Compatibility Chart, Estimating Notes, Pricing, Storage and Handling, Training Manual, and Alerts.