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Mirafi® TM-Series - TM13C, TM14S

  • Lofty 3D synthetic erosion control mats that provide bare soil retention, vegetation nurturing and high performance turf reinforcement.
  • Designed for steep slopes where high performance (soft armor) erosion control is required.
  • Mirafi® TM13C is suitable for both channel lining and slope/overtopping applications. Mirafi® TM14S has been developed exclusively as slope/overtopping protection with superior performance and efficiency.
  • Lighter weight geosynthetic lowers the overall carbon footprint and decreases material handling effort in the field.
  • “Inner pockets” entrap and entangle the grass root system. Random pattern assists with the dissipation of flowing water. Increased roughness coefficient, combined with greater light penetration, creates a nurturing environment for the grass root system.
A 3-dimensional, lofty synthetic, erosion control mat, which provides bare soil retention, vegetation nurturing and turf reinforcement.
  • Made in USA
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